Online Book Promotion

If you have a book to promote, having a dedicated book website can help you reach a global audience.

Our designer can create a custom design based on the artwork of your book:

Here are just some of the benefits of having a dedicated book website:

Your book will be seen by a global audience.
If you take part in a Radio interview, TV interview or your book is featured in a newspaper, the website can be referenced as follows: 'For more information visit ''.
If your book has an ISBN number, a page on your website can feature a direct link to, helping to increase book sales.
List book signing dates and venues as you promote your book.
Let visitors know where they can get hold of a copy of your book - listing shops and contact details where your book is sold.
Tell readers more about your book, the writing process, your research or the inspiration behind your work.
Publish reviews.
If you have published other books, feature them and link to their relevant websites.

Pen2Print Publishing can help authors register their book title domain name (eg., we can also design the website and host it free of charge.