The Self Publishing Process

Q. Can I write my manuscript in Microsoft Word?

Yes. We accept manuscripts in Microsoft Word format. If you have prepared the manuscript in Microsoft Word then the file should be saved as a standard (.doc) file. If you have used an alternative word-processing package then your file should be saved as a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.

Q. How important is it to have a good book cover?

You can create your own cover artwork, but we have found that the authors who invested in a professionally designed cover, experience better sales and credibility.
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Q. Once printed who would own the copyright on my book?

The copyright remains with the author at all times. We simply produce and print copies of your book. If a major publishing house or film producer was to offer to buy the copyright of your material, it's legally yours to sell. To attract the interest of a major publisher or producer, using Pen2Print publising will put you in a better position, as market tested books that have already created a demand are likley to be attractive investments.

Q. Who decides how much my book sells for?

The retail price of a book is the authors decision. Profit from all book sales goes to the author.

Q. How do I promote my book?

Pen2Print offer numerous book promotion services to help raise the awareness of your book. Everything from posters to dedicated websites.

Q. Will Pen2Print sell my book for me?

We don't sell your book directly to the public but we do register your book with Nielsen book data (the key book registrar) who's information is available to all the major retailers.

Q. Will my book be found on the internet?

If you aim to sell your book, having an ISBN number will make your book availbale to many major retailers. Although we can't guarantee they will display your book on their websites.

To ensure your book is found on the internet pen2print publishing can help you design and set up a website dedicated to your book, helping to generate online sales.
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Q. Can you supply me with an eBook version of my book.

Yes. We can provide your book in PDF format (Portable Document File).